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Clear Time Watches

findr Bluetooth Locator

Never lose your keys again!

Keep track of your precious items with our Friends & Family findr.

The findr puck measures just 3ø x 0.5cm and can be attached to any item.

The intuitive App allows you to activate an 85db chime when the findr is within a 30m range and maps the last known location of the findr if out of range.

Ideal for re-tracing your steps to find your item.

Available as a waterproof version, the findr will also allow you to play an alarm on your phone to help you locate it.

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Technical Info
  • Tiny Bluetooth findr can be attached to any object (measures 3ø x 0.5cm)
  • Intuitive App shows proximity when within a 30m range and activates an 85db chime on the puck
  • When out of range the App logs the last known location
  • Can be used to play alarm on phone by pressing a button on the findr
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