Wireless Multi-Call Fixed Button

Wireless Multi-Call Fixed Button

Wireless Multi-Call Waterproof Button

A complete nursecall system with minimal installation

Our new Wireless Multi-Call range is designed to cater for multi-patient or multi-room environments. Employing wireless technology, the system can be quickly deployed with minimal installation, making them ideal as retrofit or portable solutions. Up to 999 call buttons or pendants may be added to the system, each of which can be grouped into different zones and allocated a different alert. This versatility allows the carer to track the call to a specific area of a room or to identify a specific patient.

The Multi-Call Waterproof Button provides cover in washroom, shower or other wet area, where the patient is often most vulnerable. Simple to mount using the supplied fixings, the button can also be removed from the bracket and kept with or close to the patient.

All of the Multi-Call components are available individually but can also be purchased as a starter pack. The pack comprises one receiver, one watch and four of each of the call buttons.

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